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IR13 talk slides plus notes

If you missed my IR13 talk The Russians Are Coming! Nationhood & Threat Perception in EVE Online – or just want to relive it in the comfort of your own home – here are the slides. I’ve added some presenter notes to guide you through the more obscure parts, which you can view by selecting ‘open in new window’ and clicking the ‘notes’ button at the bottom right. Questions, comments, feedback are all welcome.

Summer and autumn schedule 2012

After a busy couple of months mulling over ideas and writing abstracts, I can finally mark some conferences in my calendar.

May 29th & 30th I’m in Waterloo, Canada for CGSA, discussing attitudes towards Russian players in EVE Online.

June 9th is Media Across Borders in Roehampton, which looks like a really fascinating selection of presentations about media localisation.

June 13th & 14th I’m presenting at digcult 12: Theory, Context & the Internet in Salford. My paper will outline some prevalent Soviet and post-Soviet views towards technology and nuclear power, and show some of the (often conflicted) ways in which Russian videogames present and challenge this history.

Finally, I’ll be attending IR13 this year and participating in an EVE Online panel masterminded by Kelly Bergstrom.

Attending any of these? Presenting? Get in touch!