Russian gaming resource list

Academic work

Digital Icons # 8. Cinegames: Convergent Media and the Aesthetic Turn

  1. Daria Shembel, ‘Dziga Vertov’s Cine-Eye, Video Games and Contemporary Digital Media’
  2. Vlad Strukov, ‘Ludic Digitality: A. Sokurov’s and A. Popogrebskii’s films as Cinegames’
  3. Greg Dolgopolov, ‘Night Watch: Transmedia, Game and Nation’
  4. Stephen M. Norris, ‘Patriot Games: The 9th Company and Russian Cinegames’
  5. Gernot Howanitz, ‘Metro 2033: More Than A Cinegame?’

Natalia Sokolova, ‘Co-opting Transmedia Consumers: User Content as Entertainment or ‘Free Labour’? The Cases of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and Metro 2033‘, Europe-Asia Studies 64: 8, 2012.

Vlad Strukov, ‘Spatial Imagining and Ideology of Digital Commemoration (Russian Online Gaming)‘, Europe-Asia Studies 64: 8, 2012.

Post-Socialism Playing Global: Computer Gaming Industries & Digital Media Culture – a collaborative blog where attendees of a 2013 workshop on gaming in post-socialist countries post their research


Demographics, market data & other statistics
J’son & Partners Consulting, Online Gaming Market in Russia 2008-2015 (2010)

William Usher, 75 Percent Of Russian Gamers Get Their Games Illegally, Gaming Blend (2011)

Vitaly Petlevoi, Russia’s video game market to top $1.5 billion by 2015, Russia Beyond the Headlines (2012)

RT, Russian gaming goes ballistic worth estimated $1.3bn (2013)

RIA Novosti, Almost 90 Percent of Russians Play Computer Games (2013)

Digital Journal, Russia Records Massive Mobile App Growth With Revenue of More Than $330M (2013)

SuperData Research, Conquering the $1.1B Russian online games market (2013)

Viktor Kuzmin, Russians to spend more on online games, Russia Beyond the Headlines (2014)

Jeffrey Grubb, Analyst: Brazil, Russia, India, and China as well as Steam will help PC gaming top $24 billion by 2017, VentureBeat (2014)

Gamasutra, Russian Video Game Industry 2013 Overview (2014)


Long-form games journalism

Paul Hyman, Gunning For Russia: A Market Worth Investigating?, Gamasutra (2011)

Timur Seyfelmliukov, Welcome To Russia, Where Most Of Your Friends Are Video Game Pirates, Polygon (2012)

Sam Machkovech, Freedom to Play, Medium (2013)

Charlie Hall, STALKER fallout: Polygon traces the exodus from Kiev’s legendary GSC Game World, Polygon (2013)

Charlie Hall, Making games and breakdancing in the former USSR: the story of Contre Jour, Polygon (2013)

Colin Campbell, Why gaming’s latest take on war is so offensive to Russians, Polygon (2013)


English-language media

Robin Cherry, War Games, Hemispheres (2013)

RIA Novosti, Medvedev wants Russian World of Warcraft (2011)

RT, Playing Orcs is normal – Medvedev (2011)

East-West Digital News, Medvedev praises World of Warcraft’s historical background, calls to create Russian analog (2011)

Pavel Svyadosts, “A Lucky Shot”. A shooter with practically real rifles!, RT Russopedia (2011), 1C adds Russian intrigue to action videogames (2011)

Simon Shuster, Russia attempts to turn the patriotic tide by funding new video games, The Telegraph (2010)

Radio Free Europe, Russian Computer Gamer Pleads Not Guilty In Massive Cybercrime (2013)

The Moscow News, Russian companies find gaming, simulations key to training (2013)

Tim Smith, Video Game Company Pumps Cash into Struggling Cyprus Bank, (2013)

Igor Siletsky, Computer games: fight for the historic truth, Voice of Russia (2013)

RIA Novosti, Superhero Putin Battles Zombies in Upcoming Mobile Game (2013)

The Voice of Russia, Russia’s Mail.Ru internet giant invades US (2013)

Jessica Chasmar, Ukrainian game kills Americans, Jews, homosexuals, The Washington Times (2013)

Traci Tong, Ukraine’s gamers take to the streets in protest, PRI (2013)

RAPSI, Bill seeking restricted sales of violent videogames submitted to Russian Duma (2014)

RIA Novosti, Russia to encourage patriotism through computer games (2010)

RIA Novosti, Russia Mulls Special Shops for 18+ Videogames (2014)

Igor Siletsky, Russia on crossroads: Should shooting video games be banned? (2014)

Evgeniy Moruz, ‘Don’t Let Pussy Riot into the Cathedral’ video game released, Metro US (2013)

Delphine D’Amora, Interactive Gaming Absorbs a Scientific Influence, The Moscow Times (2013)

D. Garrison Golubock, Overwhelmed by Choice at Moscow’s MMAM, The Moscow Times (2013)

The Australian, Cuban Missile Crisis relived in Russian-developed video war game (2013)

David Scammell, Company of Heroes 2 distributor suspends sales in Russia following complaints, (2013)

Simon Parkin, The Russian invasion: Meet the man bringing free-to-play to Xbox, (2013)

Thomas Grove, New Russian video game takes aim at punk band riot, Reuters (2013), Russia to ban violent computer games after Moscow massacre (2012)

Miscellanous resources