2013 conferences

Several papers and ideas in the pipeline this calendar year. Here’s where I’m going to be, and what I’m planning to talk about.

In mid-may, EVE Online researchers at FDG are coming together in beautiful nerdery, and I will be discussing the Cold War rhetoric which surrounds EVE‘s Russian-speaking community. The talk is an updated and expanded version of The Russians are Coming! Nationhood & Threat Perception in EVE Online, and a short paper should be available by the middle of April.

The start of June marks three conferences in quick succession. May 31st-June 2nd is Feminists in Games, and I’ll present an overview of female participation in Russian online gaming communities, drawing upon Russian feminist theories to understand the behaviours and practices at play. (Tentative title: Devushki-geimeri and post-Soviet feminist discourse: a look at female representation on Russian gaming sites.)

Next is Congress: first, I’m giving a paper on visions of nuclear dystopia in Metro 2033 & STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl at the Canadian Association of Slavists. After explaining videogames to a room full of Russianists, I’ll be turning it around and bothering the nice folks at the Canadian Game Studies Association with a talk on the benefits of viewing Russia as a global hub for gaming, rather than a peripheral game culture orienting itself towards Europe and America.

In mid-June I’ll be back in my corner of the world, discussing the politicisation of gaming as a youth culture in Russia at NYRIS 12 in Tallinn.

If you’re attending any of these, or want to talk about any of my research topics, get in touch.